Friday, April 13, 2012


It's been, what 2 years since my last post?!

Well, I'll be closing my "Blog"

You can find me at

My username is TamaGrip



Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Aloeeluvr

Aloeeluvr has always been a great friend. They are nice and cool. On Moshi Monsters, she sends me TONS of gifts. Aloeeluvr is the best friend ever! Online Friend


Moshi Monsters

Mohsi Monsters is a fun website where you get to take care of your pet. I have a Katsuma and a good friend(s) is samjje101, fastroodle, cometbaby, crazzy4kandy, pookie7005, footballrocksforever, maple567. Of course Tamagrip (me). Some Moshlings I have Snookums, Cleo, Liberty, and Roxy. Right now I'm trying to get Scamp. I hope I get him!


Hello, I have tons of Tamagotchi's all I can think of is my V5 and 3 Tama-Go's 3 V6 + much more :). Right now I'm doing my V5 at the todler stage. Thats ah for now!